A systematical, standard and highly-rated mental health education system: this track has built reputations on building a harmonious college psychological atmosphere as well as mental health education theory and methods. It has a leading position in the field of mental health education and has achieved a number of initiative and applicable results. In 1997, "Mental Health Education System Research and Practice" won the first prize for Beijing Outstanding Teaching Achievements. In 2007, received the national and Beijing municipal Mental Health Education Outstanding Contributions Award. The College Student Mental health Education and Counseling Center was awarded the "Capital College Students Psychological Education Demonstration Base".

     A psychological counseling professional training system and platform of international standards, high-quality, high-level: the track tresses international cooperation and has carried on a wide range of domestic and international academic exchanges. It has developed a counseling psychology master's curriculum of international standards. The track has trained high-quality, advanced-degree mental health counseling and education professionals for universities. In addition, it has carried out research on psychological problems such as trauma intervention after a disaster. The track has created a first-class psychological counseling laboratory. It has participated in the development of National Mental Health Act, and Major Disasters Psychological Intervention Emergency Plan.

     Committed to moral education basic theory research and practice, and innovated a moral education defense mode: this track explores the basic theory, the essence, characteristics, rules and methods of college moral education, and has accumulated a wealth of results and experience. It has created a moral education defense mode; "Moral Defense as an Innovative Carrier to Ideological and Political Education" won the Innovation Award for Beijing Party Building and Ideological and Political Work, and the first prize of Beijing Municipal Education and Teaching Achievement Award.


     Committed to internationalization and multi-disciplinary integration, the track has accumulated relatively strong research capacity on college mental health education, college counseling professional training system, and college moral education defense mode, and has achieved a series of leading research results in the country.

     The research team is strong with Professor Jia, Xiaoming as the leader, who serves as member of the Ministry of Education Teaching Psychology Steering Committee, the executive director of the National Expert Committee of College Students Counseling, and member of Chinese Psychological Society Clinical and Counseling Psychology Expert Committee. The team has undertaken a wide range of projects including the National Science and Technology Support Project. The overall strength is ranked top among the institutions of its kind.

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