To establish a theoretical system of educational technology with engineering characteristics: the track has established the Educational Technology Research Institute, build four laboratories including a virtual studio lab. It has strong R & D, has undertaken five projects of the national "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and two research projects of the Natural Science Foundation of Youth. The team carried out in-depth study on engineering distance education key technologies widely concerned home and abroad, and information technology applications. Aligning with the major direction of national development plan, the team tracks the development of the international frontier, and train education technical personnel with cross-disciplinary advantages and engineering characteristics.

     Committed to the research of distance education key technologies: with a focus on educational technology applications, the track has launched over 40 studies of international cutting-edge technology, including 3G mobile technologies, intelligent video surveillance technology, the fifth generation of intelligent remote platform, Score resources design based on transmission technology of wavelet theory and the framework of SOA, virtual studio technology and synergized work, as well as the full application of these research results in the field of distance education.

     To build a cross-disciplinary educational technology innovation platform: the distance education technology R&D team has developed a fifth generation intelligent distance education platform; excavated real contents from engineering quality course; researched wavelet transmission technology and successfully applied it to the Olympic traffic transmission systems and the traffic control systems; researched wavelet image recognition technology and used it in active exam cheating monitoring system, as well as in the recognition and tracking of 110 license plate; introduced the channel technology and built a engineering test channel; successfully applied virtual studio technology to military simulation and practical teaching medium.


     Since the launch of its graduate program in 2006, the educational technology track has formed a high level and balanced structured faculty, including 3 professors, 3 associate professors, 2 lecturers, and 5 doctorate fellows. Its development embraces multi-disciplinary integration of information science, computer networking, and education, and has shaped an engineering-oriented, information science and computer science-based cross-discipline. Led by Professor Li, Xiaoping, the team adheres to a principle of research leading the teaching of graduate students, industry-university-research close cooperation, tracking the international front, and focusing on hot issues of theory and practice of distance education.

     This discipline is at the advanced level in resource building in the country, and in a leading position in national quality course design patterns. Its disciplinary strength ranked top among institutions of its kind, and highly rated by experts and scholars at home and abroad.

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