Committed to education and human resources research: based on the education economics and human resources management, this track focus on analysis of higher education investment in China, employment of college graduates and other practical problems. Taking into considerations the characteristics of China's economic development, setting target on government, businesses, universities, and college students, the track studies the regional distribution and professional structure of employment of different levels of college graduates, quality of employment of college graduates, college student career guidance and other issues. The track has published a monograph "personal investment in higher education" and won the second prize of the National Educational Science Achievements Awards. In addition, the track has received a number of provincial and ministerial level grants including Beijing Social Science Foundation "Beijing college graduates regional employment structure collaborative research".

      To carry out educational organizations strategic planning and education and teaching assessment: in response to economic globalization and the development of information technology, and aligning with the country’s mid and long-term education strategic planning and talent development planning requirements, the track studies the strategic position of different levels of organizations in the education, development direction, performance evaluation and management, and conducts in-depth study of education and teaching practical issues. The track has been partner with a key grant of the Ministry of Education “Development Strategy for University International Science and Technology Cooperation and Exchanges" to provide strategic and policy support to the Ministry of Education in response to the international challenges.

     To explore universities’ financial management and resource allocation: the track has conducted in-depth study of the optimal allocation of educational resources. Based on education economics and education management theory and practice, considering the characteristics of different educational organizations, the track actively carried out research on education financial management, education finance, and effective use of education funds. The team has undertaken a project of applying "Military College Financial Management Information System" to school management. The former COSTIND’s project "Efficiency in the Use of University Funds" has achieved initial results.


     Educational Economics and Management, as a discipline, develops rapidly in recent years. The track carries out in-depth study on the strategic levels of education and teaching management, and the optimal allocation of educational resources adhering to a research method of a combination of qualitative and quantitative, theory and practice, and macro and micro. It has good prospects in universities of science and engineering and integrated universities, and has become IOE’s new growth engine. The track started to offer Education Economics and Management graduate program in 2003, one of the earliest in the country, and now has produced over 30 graduates.

     The track is led by Professor Ma, Yongxia, and draws upon Professor He, Haiyan, Dr. Zhou, Ling, and Dr. Tao, Hong. Professor Ma, Yongxia serves as director of the National Education Economics Society. Research results won the second prize of the National Educational Science Achievements, and the second prize at the provincial level two times. The team has undertaken a number of provincial and ministerial research projects and published 40 papers.

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