To develop first-class university development philosophy and strategies.: this research track focuses on research and practice of building a high level university, especially educational philosophy, leadership, management and service of a military defense university; it has achieved a number of initiative and leading results in higher education management and decision-making, university leadership structure and construction, and university Party construction. Some results have provided important basis for the introduction of new policies by the Ministry of Industry and Information, General Armament Department, the former National Defense Commission, Ministry of Education and other departments.

     To build a research platform for innovation and entrepreneurship education particularly for China’s universities of science and engineering: this track has carried out studies on theory and methods of innovation and entrepreneurship education; the essence of transferrable ability and its teaching methods; and the development of university teachers’ capabilities of training innovative and entrepreneurial talents. The track has been committed to quality education and general education theory and methodology research. It has set up a research center for cultural quality education to explore the plight and the future of general education, and to develop general education and humanity quality education curriculums.


     This research track has accumulated relatively strong research resources and achieved a series of leading research results on: the building of world-class university, national defense universities’ adaption to new military change, university educational philosophy and development strategy, the construction of university leadership, university innovation and entrepreneurship training, and university humanistic quality education.

        The track is led by Professor Guo, Dacheng, and draws upon Liu, Lijun, Yang, Chun-Mei, and Zhou, Wen-Hui. Professor Guo, Dacheng is executive member of China Institute of Higher Education, Defense Industry Association of Continuing Education, and Beijing College Party Research Association, a distinguished expert for National Defense Science and Technology Council Development Research Center, and winner of the second prize of the first National Educational Science Achievements Awards. The team has undertaken a number of major projects funded by the Ministry of Education and other provincial and ministerial-level research projects. This track embraces active international exchanges, has organized or participated in international conferences such as Sino-Russia Higher Education Forum, the World Teacher Development Alliance Conference, Stanford (Hong Kong) International Conference of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, with team members delivering speech or keynote report in these conferences.

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