To lead education fairness research: an early mover and leader in China’s education fairness research, this track has carried out in-depth study and achieved significant results on education fairness situation after college enrollment expansion, balanced development of compulsory education, development of private education, as well as solving the education problem of children of urban migrant workers. The team put forward innovative theoretical understanding and policy recommendations such as the establishment of a new mechanism to provide public goods under a flow condition.

         To promot education policy from theory to practice: the track has played an active role in forming public education policy, particularly the macro education policy and education system reform; It has put forward systematic proposals on administrative reform, the reform of university training model and the reform of college entrance examination system. The track is among the first to promote the task of building a modern university system and has a significant impact in the country.

Committed to education legislation research: this track has undertaken projects on the right to education at constitutional, administrative law and civil law levels supported by the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Science Fund and the Ministry of Justice, which has significance in promoting the construction and improvement of education legal system.


The track has formed a strong research capacity and achieved significant results on education policy and regulations. It co-investigated in "Report on China's human resources: from a large population to a human resources power" sponsored by the Ministry of Education, and won the third National Educational Science Award for Outstanding Research Achievements in 2006. Professor Yang, Dongping, as an academic leader, and a doctoral tutor, has deeply involved and played an active role in making the country's major talent and education plans, including the "National Talent Building Long-term Planning" and "National Mid and long-term Education Reform and Development Plan Guideline".

Professor Yang, Dongping leads the research team including Gao, Ling, Wang, Ying and Dr. Bao, HaiQin. The team has undertaken "Public Policy Research on Providing Public Goods to Migrant Population" sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation, "Legality and Legitimacy Theory" by the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Fund, and "Education System and Talent Training Model Reform" commissioned by the Central Organization Department, and has published a number f monographs, theses, and research reports.

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