In order to help foreign students and scholars master Chinese language, furthering their study, research and working in the future, the International Student Center conducts Chinese language and culture programs in 6 levels and preparatory courses for university study. During summer and winter vacations, short-term programs and professional training in various specialties are available for arranged groups. The dedicated teachers are graduates of renowned universities in China with rich experience of teaching.

Chinese Language and Culture Programs

There are 6 levels of Chinese language courses offered each semester, from Beginning to Excellent, suitable for foreigners with different Chinese language skills. There are 20 hours of class instruction a week by professors and lecturers, 16 weeks per semester. Cultural visits such as trip to the Great Wall, Big Bell Museum, etc., and student gatherings are also organized for long-term students without extra charge.

Preparatory Course for Degree Study

This pre-degree program is tailored for science and engineering majored prospective students who are to be enrolled in a Chinese university. It includes language proficiency, physics, mathematics, chemistry, and computer knowledge. There are about 26 hours of class instruction a week, 16 weeks per semester. Cultural visits such as trip to the Great Wall, Big Bell Museum, are free of charge.

Short-term Group Programs

In each summer and winter vacation, we also run short-term Chinese language and culture programs for groups arranged by International agencies, universities and private companies. It is about 4-6 weeks long, providing 5 day morning classes (3-4 hours a day) a week, cultural visits to the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace, as well as cultural experiences such as Beijing Opera, Beijing Roast Duck, and parties with Chinese students. Tuition in specific disciplines and enterprise visits may also be arranged for specific groups.

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The Chinese Language courses generally include Pronunciation, Grammar, Conversation, Listening, Writing, Reading, Newspaper Direction, Chinese Literature, Chinese Culture, Chinese Survey, HSK preparation and practical activities.

In some courses, students can learn how to go about practical daily activities in China, such as, going to see the doctor, going to the post office, or shopping in the local market.

The curriculum’s breadth has met the special demands and interests of students. You can choose specific classes as you see fit for your levels. As such, 6 levels of Chinese language courses are offered ( from Beginning to Advanced).

Some courses teaching in English are available for grouped English spoken students.

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