Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship is awarded to international students who are admitted by universities in Beijing and who have demonstrated exceptional talent in academics. The scholarship is partial and is renewable for limited years listed below.

Categories of Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship.

  Categories of Applicants  Awards Maximal Years of Renewal
1. Undergraduates CNY 20,000 /year 4 years
2. Master degree students  CNY 30,000 /year 3 years
3. Doctoral degree students CNY 40,000 /year 4 years

Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship is used only for the applicant's tuition fee and will be directly credited to the university account.


 1.Applicants are non-Chinese nationals and in good health.
 2.Apply and be admitted to BIT
 3.Outstanding academic achievement based on high school or college transcript, entrance examination scores, academic papers, writing & art works published. 
 4.Applicants for bachelor’s degree should be under the age of 30. Master applicants under the age of 35, PhD Applicants under  40 year's old.

How and when to apply

Apply to the intended university at the same time you are applying for enrollment.

Application Materials

1.Application Form for Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship  in Chinese or in English.

2.Highest Diploma (notarized photocopy).

3.Applicants for undergraduate studies are required to provide notarized copy of senior high school transcripts. Applicants for other categories of studies also need to provide relevant notarized transcripts. Transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with translations in Chinese or English.

4.Application Form for Foreign Students Admission

Application materials will not be returned regardless of the result of application.

Please Contact to: 

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