ISC is responsible for international student education, enrolment, administration and service. BIT is authorized by Beijing Educational Committee to accept foreign students of all sorts, such as Bechalor, Master, Doctor, Visiting Scholar and Researcher, Chinese Language student and Short-term program student. BIT is also authorized by the CSC, Chinese Scholarship Council of the Ministry of Education, P. R. C to admit state scholarship students. BIT actively takes part in international educational cooperative and exchange program between governments.

Since the reform and opening up to the outside world, there have been several thousands students from 36 countries studied at BIT. Presently foreign students studying for bachelor, Master and doctoral degree has reached more than 60% of the total.

With the capacity of fostering doctoral students from abroad in various specialties totally taught in English, there are more than hundred professors of great learning engaged in international students education at BIT. ISC has established whole service and administrative system for international students and provided good learning conditions.

In order to help freshers adapt to campus inveronment, master the mothed of study in university, ISC especially orgnanizes the first year of freshman study class. The experienced professors and lecturers focus on the freshers’ need, providing help and assistant to solve the problems they meet. It’s welcomed by the students and the positive result shows most of the freshers have successfully completed the first year courses and entered the second year study smoothly.

Teaching Chinese language for foreigners has been developed for many years at BIT. Every semester ISC runs Chinese language classes in 8 levels. More than 30 profound professors and lecturers are teaching Chinese and cultural courses here and their excellent teaching are highly appreciated by the international students.

BIT has set up educational cooperative relations with 100 foreign universities and institutions. Many students come to BIT through long-term or short-term programs every year.

Welcome to study at BIT.

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