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Xuguang Tong
Year of Birth
Institute of Education
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Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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Lecturer, Ph.D, master tutor


2011,Institute of Education,Beijing Institute of Technology
2008-2011,School of Public Administration, Tsinghua University , Postdoctor
2001-2006,Tsinghua University doctorate
1997-2001,singhua University undergraduate degree

Research Interests
Educational Economy and Management, National conditions and provincial conditions, public administration and policy, macroeconomics and regional planning
 Selected Publications
1 Hu Angang, Tongxu Guang Zhu Dandan: "China's poverty reduction theory and practice", "Tsinghua University", 2010.07CSSCI
2.Hu Angang, Tong Xuguang: " the Twelfth five years plan strategy and Regional Development  " reform ", 2010.02CSSCI
3 Hu Angang, Tong Xuguang: four categories of poverty measurement, "Hunan Social Sciences", 2009.09 CSSCI
4 Hu Angang, Tong Xuguang: "Contemporary Chinese traffic","Hunan Social Sciences", 2010.01 CSSCI
5 Hu Angang, Tong Xuguang: poverty reduction effectiveness and experience of the "new era", "Qinghai Social Sciences",2010.01 CSSCI
6 Tongxu Guang, Hu Angang: "Qinghai regional development imbalances," the Qinghai Social Sciences ", 2010.03 CSSCI
7 . Hu Angang, Ma Wei, Wang Ding, Tong Xuguang: "investment environment of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Social Sciences",2010.05 CSSCI
8 Tongxu Guang, Hu Angang: Chongqing 'second five'development goals and indicators system ", Chongqing Social Science", 2010.02 CSSCI
9. Hu Angang, Tongxu Guang, Zhang Chenyu: "Qinghai-phase", theQinghai Social Sciences, CSSCI
10 Tongxu Guang, Zhang Chenyu, Hu Angang: Qinghai long-term development strategy "," Qinghai Social Sciences ", CSSCI
11 Tong XG, Li JB, Lin H, Yang XZ, Guo GF, He MS, “Mechanical Property and Oxidation Behavior of Self-reinforced Si3N4 Doped with Re2O3 (Re=Yb, Lu)”, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 89(5):1730-1732 May 2006  SCI
12 Tong XG, Yang XZ, Li JB, “The fabrication、mechanical property and oxidation of Si3N4 ceramics with rare earth oxide addition ”, Rare Metal Materials and Engineering 34: 508-510 Supply.1 JUN 2005 SCI
13 Tong XG, Yang XZ, Li JB, “On the Theoretical Model for Radar Absorbing Property of SiC ”, Key Engineering Materials 280-283: 1279-1282 Part 1-2 2005 SCI
14 Tong XG, Li JB, Sun GL, “Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration Induced by PZT during Water Electrolysis”, Rare Metal Materials and Engineering 32 : 594-597 Suppl.1 Dec 2003  SCI
15 Tong XG, Yang XZ, Li JB, Yang j, “The Oxidation Behavior and Mechanical Property of Si3N4 Ceramics with Rare Earth Oxide Addition”, Key Engineering Materials accepted DEC 2005 SCI
16 Patent: Tong XG, “A High Effective Water Electrolysis Equipment”, National Patent Code: 03100113
17 Patent: Li JB, Tong XG, Lin H, “A New Silicon Nitride Ceramic with High Oxidation Resistance and its Fabrication Method”, National Patent Code: 200510085369.8 
18 Guo GF, Li JB, Tong XG, et al, “Direct Measurement of Residual Stresses and Their Effects on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Heat-Treated Si3N4 Ceramics”, ACTA Material, accepted 2005 SCI
19 Guo GF, Li JB, Tong XG, et al, “Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties in Yb2O3-Fluxed Silicon Nitride Ceramics”, Rare Metal Materials and Engineering Jun 2005 SCI
20 party building reading Press: "the methodology of the scientific concept of development - Chongqing, ,2010,
21 Communications Press: "Transportation and Development", 2009,
Research Projects
[1] The national education system reform pilot projectsColleges and universities to promote research combined with the pilot reform2010
[2] China Association for Science and Technology and Ministry of Education: Technology in under market economy conditionsnationwide system of University Technology Development, 2011
[3] the major projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology:National Science and Technology: Very Large Scale IntegratedCircuit Industry Development Policy 2010
[4] Ministry of Education: Long-term education reform anddevelopment plan for background research
[5], the Central Organization Department: National long-termtalent development planning framework Background Research2009
[6] National Development and Reform Commission: the national "12th Five-Year Plan the general idea of 2009
[7], Chongqing: Chongqing City "12th Five-Year Plan  of 2009
[8] Ministry of Transportation: Traffic and Development Study2009
[9]  Qinghai Province, the World Bank, the Ministry of Finance:Qinghai poverty reduction and development strategies, 2008
Beijing Institute of Technology [10] "985" project: a high level of soft power, 2011
[11] Beijing Institute of Technology, "985" project of ArtsResearch Fund, 2011
[12] Wuhan City: Jianghan District, the modern service industry development planning study, 2007
[13], Hubei Province: Wuhan educational resource equalization, 2007
[14] GE: aircraft engines using high-performanceceramic composite, 2005
[15] National Natural Science Foundation: The efficient hydrogen production composite materials research, 2004
16] The military 863: Ceramic-based radar absorbing materials, 2003
Honors and Awards

[1] In 2010, Chongqing Development Research Award, theprovincial and ministerial level.
[2] In 2007, the outstanding youth workers in Wuhan City, the provincial and ministerial level.
[3] In 2006, Tsinghua University set sail Award ,the provincial level.

Affiliations Researcher at the Center for China Studies, Tsinghua University
American Ceramic Society Fellow

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