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Lijun Liu
Attending  BIT
Institute of Education
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Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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Liulijun is the director of innovation and entrepreneurship education center. In recent years, she has embarked on groundbreaking researches in the field of knowledge innovation and entrepreneurship education and the research results exert an international influence.The main lesson instructed for graduates is named intellectual entrepreneurship, while for undergraduate named Technological Entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, she guides graduates and helps students pursue doctorial degree.

From July,2008 till now, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Beijing Institute of Technology, associate Professor of Institute of Education ;
From June,2006 to June,2008,Associate President of New Economy Researching Institute in Beijing Institute of Technology; 

From March,1991 to May,2006,working in Science and Technology Department, Science Association in Beijing Institute of Technology ;
From Feb.1982 to Oct,1988,Teacherof Optical Instrument in Changchun University of Science and Technology.
Research Interests
Innovation and Entrepreneur Education, Higher Education Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management
 Selected Publications
Book Chapters 
1.Liu Lijun, Hierarchic Approach of Intellectual Entrepreneurship Education Programs for Students of Engineering and Science in Research Universities Mainland China, Entrepreneurship Education in Asia [C], May 2011, Hong Kong. Forthcoming.

2.Liu Lijun ,Guan Sisi(2009). " Developing the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Education Programs for Graduate Students of Engineering and Science in Research Universities Mainland
China, "  REE ASIA 2009, Hong Kong ,Oct 21-23,2009.
3.Liu Lijun(January,2009). " Evolutionary Cooperative Stable of Science & Technology
Alliance under Self -Organized Organization, " JOURNAL OF BEIJING INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOG, Vol.18,No.1 101-105.
4.Liu Lijun ,Li Bin, Zheng Yan ,Huo Lingyu(2009). USA Top Universities’s Entrepreneurship Education and China Research Universities Fostering Innovative and Entrepreneural Talents,CHINA HIGHER EDUCATION RESEARCH ,No.5, 50-52. (in Chinese)

5.Liu Lijun ,Jiao Wenjun.  Consideration on Entrepreneurship Education for Graduate Students of Engineering and Science.ACADEMIC DEGREES & GRADUATE EDUCATION, No.3,56-58. (March,2007) .(in Chinese).

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7.Liu Lijun. Agent’s evolutionarily cooperative stable in multi-agent science & technology cooperation system, The R&D Management Conference 2006The challenges and opportunities of R&D management –new directions for research, Lake Windermere, Cumbria, England. Proceedings ISBN 0-954
0016-7-2 37, (5-7 July 2006).
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1.Liu Lijun. Introduction to Intellectual Entrepreneurship Education, Beijing: Beijing Institute of Technology Press. March, 2010 (in Chinese)
2. Liu Lijun, Ni Yuefeng chief editors for the translation of Technology Ventures: From Idea to
Enterprise, 2nd Edition, in Chinese. RENMINUniversity Press  April, 2010 (Original work are authored by Richard C. Dorf and Thomas H. Byers, Mc—Graw Hill Higher Education, 2008)
3.Xi QiaoJuan, Ma Yongxia and Liu Lijun etc. Management of Colleges and Universities.Beijing: Beijing Institute of Technology Press. April, 2007 (in Chinese)

4. Zhang Guohua, He Dexiang,Li Yufang, and Liu Lijun etc. Science and Techonology Development of Beijing colleges and Universities for Hundred Years.Beijing:Beijing Press 2003(in Chinese).
Research Projects
Pilot of strengthening education model for cultivating technology ventures andentrepreneurship talents in engineering graduates, belonging to  The ministry of education graduate innovative projects
Research on Effective Cultivation Model of Innovation, Entrepreneurship Talents for Engineering Graduates ,belonging to Humanity and Social Science Fund Project of Ministry of Education
Research on Cultivation System of Innovation, Entrepreneurship Talents for Engineering Graduates, fund key topic of educational program of the eleventh five-year plan, belonging to Beijing Education Committee
2009“Best Paper Award for Mainland China Scholar” in REE ASIA
2009.Hong Kong(See the photo as follow).Only can one paper be awarded of all accepted papers from mainland China.
1998“Third Degree Award of the National Science and Technology Progress Prize”China.
1996“Second Degree Award of Industry ministry’s Prize of Science and Technology Progress”
1996“BIT Second Degree Award of CAI teaching software”.
Affiliations Membmer of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Council of National Higher Education Association; Researcher ,Beijing Innovation Institute(one of innovation research bases in Beijing);
Judge,”China Fortune Social Entrepreneurship Awarding Program”, HongKong China Fortune Foundation.

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