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Hong Tao
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Ph.D., Economy and administration of education, Beijing Normal University, 2009.
MA, education, Huazhong normal university,1995.


Lecturer, Institute of Education, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2001-Present.
Head of department, A famous company, 1995-2000.

Research Interests
Finance of education
Economy and administration of education
Undergraduate employment and enterprise education
Courses Typically Taught
Economics of education
Finance of education
Education statistics and SSPS curriculum
Schools of western economics
Know about business
Journal articles

[1]Tao hong. Analysis of migrant children education status—based on the investigation of the 10 cities in our country. Educational development research , 2010, (9): 6-9.
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[10]Tao hong. The problems and measures of Migrant children education in Beijing. Jiangxi educational research,2007,(1):61-63.
[11]Tao hong. The empirical research of the relationship between High school students' academic achievement and family background.Tsinghua Journal of Education,2007,(1):29-33.
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Sponsored Research The Eleventh Five-Year Plan Key Project of Chinese Society of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education, Postgraduate Training Costs and Financial Assistance System Research.
National Natural Science Foundation of China Project, As the Second Principal of the Policy Research of Providing Public Products for Floating Population—Migrant Children as example.

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