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Ling Gao
Year of Birth
Institute of Education
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Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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Born in HuaibeiCity of AnhuiProvince, CCP member, Ed.D. associate professor, master tutor


1994.7-1998.8  worked in Huaibei Mining Bureau

1998.9-2004.7  received postgraduate and doctorial education in EastChinaNormalUniversity
2004.7- now  teaching in Beijing Institute of Technology

Research Interests
Higher education, Adult Continuing Education
 Selected Publications

 Papers Published

 1. Knowledge migration in teaching adults, Journal of Huaibei Coal Industry Teachers College (Philosophy and Social Sciences), 199904

2. On Enhancing the Construction of the Teaching Team in Adult Colleges, Journal of Northwest Adult Education, 2000, No.2

3. The Formation of Adult Education in Sweden, Vocational and Technical Education(education and science), 2001, No. 1

4. Target Management in Adult Higher EducationNorthwest Adult Education Journal, 2001, No.4

5. General Introduction to the Private Education in Great Britain, HuaibeiCoalIndustryTeachers College Journal, 2002, 1.

6. Develop the Advance Socialist Culture and Cultivate Citizens with High Quality and the Four Moral Qualifications, ModernCollege Education, 2002, No.2
     7. Analysis into the Theoretical Basis of the Development of Continuing Education Curriculum, Anhui Institute of Education Journal, 2002No,2
8. Quality Education in College and the Curriculum and Teaching Reform, ModernCollege Education, 2002, No.4

9. A Review on the Development Model of Contemporary Training Course, Vocational and Technological Education (Education and Science), 2002, No.19

10. Entry into the WTO and the Reconstruction of Postgraduate Education in Mainland China, Collected Papers from the CrossStrait

Postgraduate School Forum (Taiwan, China),2002, No.10

11. The Comparative Study on the Teaching Methodology Adopted in Foreign Colleges, Political Sciences , Law and Education Research, 2003, No.1

12. Analysis into the Theoretical Basis of Adult Education Course Development, Adult Education, 2003, No.1

13. Thoughts on the Diversified Development and Quality of Higher Education, HuaibeiCoalIndustryTeachers College Journal, 2003, No.1

14. Comparison and Choice between Different Teaching Methodologies in College Education, Huainan Normal Institute Journal, 2003, No.4

15. Debates on the Development of Private Education in the World and Its Tendencies, Fudan Education Forum, 2003. No. 5

16. The Current Situation of Continuing Education Course Development Research and Analysis into It, Continuing Education, 2005, No.4

17. Implement the Profession Development-oriented Concept of Continuing Education, Adult Education, 2005, No.8

18. Analysis into the Two Existing Models in China’s Continuing Education Course Development, Continuing Education Research, 2005, No.5

19. The Problems and Experiences in Chinese Colleges’ Multi-campus Management China higher education research 2005 Vol. 12

20. Basic Principles in Modern Training Course Development, Vocational and Technological Education, 2006, No.1

21. On the Basic Problems Concerned in Course Development Theory, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technologies(Social Sciences), 2006, No.1

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25. Analysis into the Ideology of “Vocational Development” in Adult Continuing Education Course Development, Vocational Education Bulletin, 2007, No.9

26. The Community Education and Community Development abroad and Its Enlightenments to China, Adult Education, 2008, No.4

27. Investigation and Analysis into the Factors Leading to the Learning Difficulties of Distance Learners, Sampled the Distance Learning College of Beijing Institute of BIT, Higher Correspondence Education Journal(Philosophy and Social Sciences), 2008, No.5

28. Review on 30 Years’ Professional and Technical Personnel’s Continuing Education in China and Outlook to it(B), Adult Education, 2009, No.8

29. Review on 30 Years’ Professional and Technical Personnel’s Continuing Education in China and Outlook to it(A), Adult Education, 2009, No.7

30. History of Workers’ Continuing Education Curriculum Development, China Adult Education, 2009, No.24

among these, seven articles are selected in the Duplicated References edited by RenminUniversity of China



1. Research on the of Professional Technical Personnel’s Continuing Education Curriculum Development, Beijing Institute of Technology Press, 2006 [M]

2. The Seven-Party Private Education Series: Foreign Private Education, 2002, edited

3. Research on Adult Education during the Social Reshaping Period and Life-long Education, Capital Normal University Press, 2007, edited
4. Three Decades of Reform and Development of China’s Adult Education, Higher Education Press, 2009, edited

Research Projects

Researches Hosted

1. The Employees’ Continuing Education Curriculum Development Research Affiliated to The 11th Five-year Plan for National Education and Science

2. “Research into Graduates’ Training Mechanism Reform”  Affiliated to the Teaching Reform Project of BIT

3. “Research on Training Quality Control of Graduates in Schools of Science and Technology” Affiliated to the Teaching Reform Project of BIT

4. “Research on Adult Education Curriculum Development in ChinaAffiliated to the Basic Fund Sponsored Projects

Honors and Awards Outstanding Class Adviser of Beijing Institute of Technology, Second Place Award of Beijing Institute of Technology for Teaching Achievements
Affiliations Director of National Adult Higher Education Theory Research Committee, Director of National Adult Education Research Organizations Committee

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