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Haiqin Bao
Beijing Institute of Technology    
RM 411,Central Teaching Building
Institute of Education
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Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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Educational Background

Ph. D., in Education Policy in Peking University
M.A., in Higher Education in Beijing Normal University
B.A., in School Education in Beijing Normal University


Scholarly Interests

Dr. Haiqin Bao's research has focused on a variety of topics including, policy studies in education, education policy and the law, higher education administration, analysis of Chinese higher education system and student financial aid.

 Books or Chapters in Books
Bao, Haiqin(2011)Education Policy Diffusion Across Bureaus: A Case Study of Chinese National Discipline Base Project. Beijing: Peking University Press 2011.
Bao, Haiqin: Education Policy Process. In: An Introduction of policy studies in Education (Chen Xuefei), Beijing: People's Education Press, 2011, pp.86-134.
Journal articles
Bao, Haiqin: Theoretical Analysis of the Traits of Educational Policies, Eduation Research Mouthly, 2011, 1.pp.3-6.
Bao, Haiqin: Review on theories models of education policy-making,
JiangSu Journal of Higher Education, 2009, 2.pp.13-16.
Bao, Haiqin, Wang Huan’an: System Analysis of "Quantitative Evaluation" in Faculty Management in Chinese Universities, Journal of Education Review, 2010, 6.pp.53-56.
Bao, Haiqin: Research on the Graduate Financial Aid System of US, Journal of Education Review, 2011, 2.pp.158-161.
Bao, Haiqin: A Study of Graduate Education Grant Types and Characteristics in U.S.A. Higher Education Exploration, 2011, 2.pp.73-79.
Bao, Haiqin: The Development, Problems and Prospects of Overseas Chinese University Foundation. Journal of National Academy of Education Administration, 2011, 3.pp.41-46.
Bao, Haiqin: Change in Higher Education Tuition Policy in China. Tsinghua Journal of Education, 2008, 2.pp.70-76.
Wang, Huanan, Zhang Xing, Bao Haiqin: Reform of Funding model in Higher Education in China. JiangSu Journal of Higher Education, 2003, 2.pp.9-12.
Bao, Haiqin: The relationship Between the Government and the Universities in Education Resource Allocation in China. Higher Education Exploration, 2008, 1.pp.50-53.
Bao, Haiqin: The policy of National Economics basic discipline “base” for talent training——An analysis from perspective of New Public Management. Tsinghua Journal of Education, 2004,6.pp.72-77.112.
Bao, Haiqin: The Principal-agent Problem in Education Policy Implementation. JiangSu Journal of Higher Education, 2004, 3.pp.14-17.
Bao, Haiqin &Wang, Huan’an: Review on College Entrance Examination System Reform in China: from the perspective of New Institutional Economics. Educational Exploration, 2009, 3.pp.61-62.
Bao, Haiqin: Analysis of the CSTIND (Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense)-owned Universities in Chinese popular National College and University Ratings. Heilongjiang Researches on Higher Education, 2009,6.pp.6-10.
Bao, Haiqin & Kang, Jian: Review of Higher Education Reform in Taiwan in 1990’s. JiangSu Journal of Higher Education, 2002,3.pp.116-119.
Research Projects China Ministry of Education. Humanities and Social Sciences Youth Fund. Structure and Efficiency of Fundraising Organization in the University-Take American Research Universities as Example (Grant No.: 10YJC880004) 2010.
Beijing City Board of Education Science Planning Office. Key Project of Beijing Education Science 12th five year Plan.  Beijing Pre-school Education Supply Mechanism. (Grant No.:ACA11067) 2011.
Beijing City Talent Training Scheme of 2011: The situation, problem and innovation of Beijing Pre-school Education Supply. 2011.
China Ministry of Education. Humanities and Social Science key research Base project (co-authored with Prof. Chen, Xuefei, Prof. Fengqiao Yan , Peking University): Education Policy-making Process during Chinese Transition: Theoretical Research and Case Study (Grant No.:02JAZJD880001) 2004-2006.
Hong Kong "Joint School of Education and Social Sciences Applied Research Paper Award"( co-authored with Xiaoying Lin, now Prof. of Peking University, Shijun Cha, now Prof. of Yunnan Normal University) : The Relationship Between Government and Universities in the Allocation of Resources in Higher Education in China: Case Study of Higher Education Policy, 2003-2004.
Graduate School Project from Peking University: Reform of Graduate Education Tuition System in Chinese Universities, 2003.
Beijing Institute of Technology. Basic Research Fund (co-authored with Prof. Ping Zhao, Prof. Yongxia Ma, Institute of Technology). For: College and University Ratings in China and What We Should do to Cope With It, 2007.
Hong Fan Foundation. (co-authored with  Prof. Dongping Yang, Institute of Technology) For: Investigation of Compulsory Education Funding and Teachers’ Development in Gan’su Province in China, 2007.  
Beijing Institute of Technology, Graduate Education Reform Fund: Reform of degree authorization mechanisms in China. 2008.
Save the Children Xinjiang Basic Education Project (EU funded)
(co-authored with Prof. Huan’an Wang, Capital Normal University) Focus of work: Program Assessment: Outcome and Impact of the Basic and Bilingual Education in Xinjiang. 2009.
Graduate School Fund of Beijing Institute of Technology. (co-authored with Prof. Yongxia Ma, Prof. Chunmei Yang, Institute of Technology) For: Investigation on Doctoral Education Quality of Beijing Institute of Technology. 2007.

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