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Fan Chunpingpseudonym is Xiao Fan etc.a bachelor of Science, a master of philosophyand a senior editor. Been awarded national book glory time after time;been awarded personal title of“The National Outstanding Young and Middle-age Editor”and“national awards to editors for outstanding contributions to the science popularization”.

Occupational experience

1984.7-1991.8 Teacher ,Department of Politics, Siping Normal college(Jilin Normal University now)

Repertory courses at Department of Politics of Siping Normal college: Introduction of Philosophy of Science and Technology and Introduction of Systems Science

1991.9-1994.6, Master of Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, Jilin University

1994.8-1996.3, Reporter, Editor and Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief , New Culture Newspaper

1996.4-2001.7, Editor of Jilin People’s publishing House, Director of Third Editorial Office. Get the professional title of senior editor.

2001.8-2001.12, Chief planner of Comprehensive Publishing Center of Science Press

2002.1-2008.12,Director of Humanity and Social Science Editorial Office

2008.12- present, Deputy-director of Journal Office

Research direction

Policy and Management of Science and TechnologyDissemination of Science  Environment and SocietyTheory and Practice for Modern PressHigher Education of Engineering


1.100 Major Problems for theHumanities and Social Sciences of the 21st Century.Managing Editor. Shandong Education Press,2005

2.100 Interdisciplinary Science Puzzles of the 21st Century. Editorial Board Member.Science Press,2005

3. Future on Science. Byliner. Beijing Institute of Technology Press,2002

4. Historical Monument series. Chief Editor. Jilin People’s publishing House,1996

5. Mind Suffering of Giants. Chief Editor.International Culture Publishing Corporation,1992

6.100 Catastrophes in Human History. Associate editor International Culture Publishing Corporation,1992

7.An Introduction to Systems Science. Associate editor. Jilin University Press,1986

8. To Promote  Academic  Innovation with Chinese Characteristics by Reformation of Transactions—Some Academicians Argumentation on the Reformation and Development of Transactions.Co-Authors. Guangming Daily,2011-3-30(2)

9. The Lack of Qualified Personnels is Bottleneck for Popular Exploitation of Scientific and Technological Resources. Science Popularization2010(5)

10. Environment, Why is it an ethical problem. Greenery2010(10)

11.Cooperation between University and IndustryAnother Wing of University of Technology. Science Times2009-3-25

12. Mourn for Sr. Gong Yuzhi. Science and Technology Review2007(13)

13. Training of Journalists :from the Perspective of the Theory of Gatekeeper.The 11th National Conference of Communication in China,2010.

14.Let the Topic of Environmental Protection be Social Hot Focus.Greenery,2010(4)

15. Database: the Important Communication Platform for Science and Technology of the New Media Era. Communication of Science and Technology,2009(2)

16. Assist young people with research method. China Reading Weekly,2007.7.1

17. To See the World in a FlowerTo see the bodhi in a hand. Science Times,2007.3.8

18.The developing and the policy of high-technology industry (in Japan)The economy and business environment of Chinese society. 2006.12

19. Establishing a Mechanism for the Agile Mobilization by adopting the ideas of the state innovation system. Journal of Beijing institute of technology(social sciences edition,2006(1)

20.Science and technology sectionThe 2005’ being promoted by great intents. Publisher 2005(1)

21. Cosmos and mind—The impacted what a small books to me. China Reading Weekly,2002.5.29

22. It is my understanding to Carl Sagan. Science Times-Reading Weekly,2001.12.15

23. Original of popularization of science, What more do still need? China Reading Weekly-Science Review,2001.3.28

24. There is nothing which the nature not known. Science and life,2001(2)

25. What is nice about maybe down handy. China Youth Daily,2001.1.31

26. The importance that the Green Classics to us. China Youth Daily,2001.1.2

27. Call about to aesthetical searching of science. China Reading weekly,2000.9.13

28. A journey of science and reason. China Reading weekly 2009.9.14

29. Ploughed the fertile soil of science. Guangming Daily,2000.7.6

30. Carson and her Silent Spring. Science Times.2000.5.1

31. Nurtured in a broad culture context. Guangming Daily,2000.2.17

32. Public understanding science will replace traditional popularization of science.China Book Business Report,2000.9.14

33. Real space, Information space, and logical space. Science Reviwe,1999(1)

34. Constructed a blockhouse of science. National Catalogue of new books,1998(11)

35. To comprehend the selection of topics. Editors Bimonthly,1997(12)

36. The currency is energy of social system. Industry-Technology-Economy,1994(2)

37. Call about to by timesDialectics of nature ought to research the law of social development. Journal of Songliao(JCR Science Edition)1993(2)

38. Thinking deeply through philosophy to social ecologization. Journal of Songliao(JCR Social Science Edition),1992(4)

39. On the approach of social ecologization and its significance.Industry-Technology-Economy,1992(2)

40. Environmental education review. China’s Environmental Report,1991.8.20

41. The ecological damage caused by cremation cannot be underestimated.(be index by Xinhua abstract).China Environmental Management,1991(2)

42. On the environmental consciousness.(cited by Xinhua abstract). China’s Environmental Report,1991.2.23

43. Cultivate talents of environmental education without bias—The attempt for educational reform in the classroom of dialectics of nature.China Environmental Management,1990(2)

44. The methodological significance to approach of giving definition through broad sense and narrow sense. Journal of Songliao(JCR Social Science Edition),1990(3)

45. On the materiality of information. Journal of Songliao(JCR Science Edition),1989(4)

46. On the value of methodological of glass. Journal of Songliao(JCR Science Edition),1986(2)


1.Hosting of the pilot project of scientific and technological planning to popularization  commissioned by Ministry of Science and Technology.(Project numberKP2006-6)

2.Hosting of “Look back homeland”series. Approved by Beijing science society solicitation programs (2009.6-2010.12)

3.Hosting of construction project of “FAN Chunping workshop on Science popularization publishing”,Approved by Beijing science and technology popularization special (2009.6-2010.12))

4.Participated in construction project of training base of national economic mobilizationNational economic mobilization’s projects2006.7-2010.12

5.Participated in Guangdong twelfth five-year plan of development of national economic mobilization(Guangdong development and reform committee’s projects2009.10-2010.12)

6.Hosted of comprehensive research to issue of environmental education.(Jilin education committee’s projects,1990-1992)

7.The international cooperation to issues of environmental protection(National youth social fund projects,1998-2000),(cooperation between two persons, as the second )

Honors & Awards

The 7th five-one project prize by Propaganda Dep. Of the CPC Central Committee
The 7th China book award
The second session of Chinese excellent publication award
The second session of Jilin province government excellent book award
The fourth session of national outstanding science book award
The first session Wenjin book award
The first session China Science Writer Association outstanding science excellent book award
The fourth The National Outstanding Young and Middle-age Editor
National awards to editors for outstanding contributions to the science popularization 2004 Beijing science popularization advanced individual

Social appointments

Member of Chinese Society Dialectics of Nature/Philosophy of Nature.
Science and Technology, Member of China Science Writer Association.
Member of council of Beijing Science Writer Association.

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